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API Design for C++ pdf download
API Design for C++ pdf download

API Design for C++ by Martin Ry

API Design for C++

API Design for C++ epub

API Design for C++ Martin Ry ebook
ISBN: 9780123850034
Format: pdf
Page: 446
Publisher: Morgan Kaufmann

Coming from an c++/C# background, this is more my style of development. As a result, APIs are not well designed or properly built and wind up costing both the vendor and its customers tens of thousands of dollars in ongoing maintenance due to infrastructure costs and the drain on engineering resources. With that in mind, she could design her API like so: Tags: api, api-design, javascript . Casablanca is a Microsoft incubation effort to support cloud-based client-server communication in native code using a modern asynchronous C++ API design. After reviewing hundreds of actual SaaS APIs, many up to par and others distinctly . (Click here if you can't see the video.) . Use 3) While you're at it - look in Alexandrescu's 'Modern C++ Design' how to write good C++ strings. I am designing a C/C++ plugin architecture for a solution which comprises of 3 components: a client level; a core level; a visualization level. Multi-threading and event handling are built into the C++ API. Item 18: Make interfaces easy to use correctly and hard to use incorrectly]. Last, he talks about how the Coherence team built Java-like memory management for C++ and how they made Coherence 3.4 work on many of the operating systems running on Intel-like processors. (1) Patch-based pipeline design (C++-API or easy-to-use XML editor) and plug-in system to extend available tools with new function (2) Parallel and synchronized processing from multiple sensor devices, e.g. When writing a C++ library, we have to design the interface (API) carefully [Effective C++ 3rd ed. Sue is designing a JavaScript library, Magician.js. Http:// API Design for C++. Some good advice comes from the developers behind Qt who have corrected some things in their API and described it at: Designing Qt-Style C++ APIs.